How is the logistics process in e-commerce

How is the logistics process in e-commerce

Without a doubt, e-commerce is one of the most widespread and extended business models in recent years. And it is that, precisely, thanks to the added information and communication technologies, today it is a necessity to have a presence in digital media. 

Currently, the business world moves mostly through the Internet. This has generated a million changes in the different internal and external processes of each company, so that the traditional model has had to evolve over the years. 

Marketing, advertising, sales, and even the production process are areas that have undergone momentous changes, considering the need to adapt to the environment and the requirements of a changing society. 

Likewise, organization is another critical issue for e-commerce. And precisely, in this context, many doubts arise in this regard. For this reason, in this post we will tell you in detail how the planning process of an e-commerce works. We will talk about the differences with traditional organization and the new challenges it represents for the current market. 

Let us find out! 

E-commerce planning: a new era 

The appearance of the new business model for companies came to completely revolutionize traditional models. Among them, the organization has undergone significant changes thanks to the new electronic commerce. 

E-commerce planning, or e-logistics, was born to satisfy all the needs of the current market because of the consolidation of electronic commerce. Now more than ever, planning is an important part of the success of e-commerce. 

One of the main objectives pursued with electronic planning is to offer each customer a satisfactory, agile, and hassle-free shopping experience. 

Traditional planning versus e-commerce organization 

There are big differences between these two types of coordination. Everything is due to changes in the needs of society. 

For example, traditional organizations focus on full loads. In contrast, in electronic planning, parcels and small loads are handled more. 

Similarly, the flow of merchandise is highly variable in e-logistics, while in traditional coordination the flow was very regular and defined. 

Usually, e-logistics is used for a B2C business model, that is, from companies to final consumers. However, there are occasions that also apply a B2B model. 

Key points about e-commerce organization 

  • Process clarity:
  • For the coordination of a company to work properly, it is necessary to structure a process. It all starts from the moment the purchase request is received through the company's website. 

    From that point, the company must know how the shipment of the product is going to be carried out. Then, from then on, every detail must be controlled until the way to deliver it to the client. The success of the sale depends on it. 

  • Set delivery type:
  • Based on the type of products you handle; you will have to define how you are going to send them. For example, in this case, aspects such as the size of the product, its perishability, or its fragility, can help you identify the best option to manage coordination. 

    Define the coordination manager 

    Again, you need to have clarity on the product. With this, you can define if you are going to take care of the transport of the product yourself or if the best option is to hire a transport company that performs this task optimally. 

  • Costs:  
  • In any case, it is essential that you know exactly what the costs are for any of the transport options you have, whether you are the person in charge or an exclusive company for it. 

  • Delivery times:
  • This is a truly relevant factor for your company. Usually, customers expect their orders as soon as possible. For this reason, the information that you provide to each user about delivery times must be clear and real. 

  • Reverse coordination:
  • Just as shipments are important, returns are important, and managing that is key for the company. Whatever the reason for the return, you must assume it and define how it will be managed. 

    In general, although coordination has evolved so much, without a doubt, there is something that has no value, good service. So, you must make the most of the advantages of electronic commerce. 


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