How can TVs improve the customer experience in 5 steps?

How can TVs improve the customer experience in 5 steps?

The image of the traditional television has been left behind with the arrival of Smart TVs or smart televisions since these devices are no longer limited to receiving and reproducing the television signal. Now these new televisions can connect to the Internet, play streaming, offer online video games, access to social networks, surf the web, and even allow viewing of content on your tablet or phone. 

Smart TVs are more like a fusion between a television and a computer, which allows them to offer a wide variety of benefits to consumers. That means you can search and listen to music, play YouTube videos or podcasts, search for content by voice control, look up recipes, shop online, and more. 

The televisions that you can buy today offer a completely unique experience to the user. Do you want to know what we mean? So do not take your attention away from this content, we will tell you everything below... 

How can Smart TVs improve the customer experience? 

When customers are looking for a Smart TV, there can be an endless number of variables that they will consider before choosing the one that suits their needs. This involves aspects of general satisfaction to others such as image quality, ease of use, value for money and a few more. 

1. Easy access to apps and digital content 

One of the characteristics that distinguishes Smart TVs is their ability to connect to the Internet, which allows applications and streaming services to be downloaded. But they are also devices that can be easily synchronized with the user's smartphone, as well as with Facebook, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Gmail and many other online services. 

For example, the person may be watching a video on their smartphone and, when they get home, they can switch to the TV and continue enjoying what they are watching, without much hassle. You can also use the smart TV to check your social media, take one last look at a business presentation, or enjoy photos from a recent trip. 

2. Synchronization with voice control smart devices 

Smart TVs can also be easily synchronized with voice-activated smart devices such as Alexa, Siri (Home Pod) Google Nest or Google Home and Bixby. In this way, users can activate the search for different content (movies, videos, emails, etc.) using their voice, which makes these processes easier and faster than in the conventional way, with the remote control. This feature can be found on TVs like the 55-inch Hisense 55A6G, which offers Alexa compatibility. 

Also, Smart TVs with the Roku TV streaming service pre-installed, like the 43-inch TCL-43S435 or 55-inch Hisense 55R8F, can synchronize with voice-controlled smart devices, making it easy to search for movies, TV channels, and more. television, among other digital content, and to search for content on the Internet or social networks.  

3. Smooth experience with the rest of the devices 

For users who live connected, both at home and in the office, Smart TVs are devices that guarantee a fluid experience, allowing them to take their activity from the office to the home, bedroom, kitchen, study, or even to the entertainment center. Smart TVs integrate very well with other connected devices to ensure a much more holistic experience. 

In this way, users can take photos or videos from the galleries they have on their phone, tablet, or computer, and bring them to the Smart TV to put together a slideshow of work. It is also possible to use the TV as an extension of the smartphone, to use work applications, review documents, carry out banking transactions and much more. 

4. Access to unmatched gaming experiences 

Smart TVs are also designed to satisfy the demanding tastes of those who are passionate about video games. That means that a wide variety of games can be accessed on these devices, all of which can be enjoyed in extremely attractive resolution. In addition, it is possible to access many other games and applications, through the connection with services such as the Google Play Store, for example. 

These types of experiences can be enjoyed on some Smart TVs, such as the 65-inch Samsung QN65Q60TAFXZA QLED 4K , with a high-quality QLED panel and UHD 4K image resolution. 

5. To enhance the work-at-home experience  

With a Smart TV, users can take their work-at-home experience to the next level by easily connecting their PC to the Smart TV wirelessly. In this way, the television can become a great monitor to work with, with an image quality and resolution much higher than that of the computer. 

Smart TVs that come with the Android operating system, like the 55-inch Konka 55Q75A , allow you to connect diverse types of peripherals to the TV, such as a mouse or keyboard. That way, the TV can be used as a computer, as well as for viewing graphics, presentations, or even video conferencing.  


As you can see, there are many ways in which a Smart TV can improve the experience that customers are looking for when buying this type of device. Would you like to know more about the features and advantages that Smart TVs offer? If so, at Distritech, we can help you find what you are looking for in Smart TV, both for the home and the office. We can guide and advise you on the best options and latest generation technologies. Just contact us contact us and we will gladly support you.  

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