Tips for choosing the security system your office needs.

Tips for choosing the security system your office needs.

When talking about safety at work, many doubts arise about what should and should not be done. Some owners of commercial establishments, in their eagerness to install alarm or video surveillance systems and avoid robbery attempts, have not made the best decisions. Even some others have not even taken the first step. 

The return to face-to-face activities and the reduction of certain preventive measures proved during the pandemic have allowed physical establishments, such as offices, retail stores, self-service stores, shopping centers and the entire retail industry to reactivate and require integrating improvements in the burglar alarm such as sensors, cameras and checking machines to increase security and reduce losses. 

At Distritech we want to guide you in choosing a good security system. Therefore, in this article, we share 5 tips for choosing the ideal security system for your office. 

1. Assess risks 

First, you must consider what you want to avoid and the type of criminal to which your space is vulnerable. The most common cases are vandalism, robbery attempts, theft or break-in. But, in an office, security is exposed to factors such as theft by staff or unauthorized access to certain areas by the same employees. 

From the outset, we can understand that depending on the type of space, the security needs are different. Retail stores, for example, are exposed to different security risks depending on the type of products they distribute. The higher its value and the smaller its size, the greater the risk of theft. The same is true of offices, where security has other priorities. 

For this reason, the first thing you should do is assess risks through a needs analysis, what alarm or video surveillance systems are currently available and what type of protection you need.  

2. How is your current security? 

We cannot change or include alarm systems without first evaluating risks. Perform a security review to detect vulnerabilities within your space. It is important to prioritize the valuable assets that you want to protect. In offices there are usually machines such as computers and sensitive information. 

To decide how secure your workspace currently is, these questions may help: Is a security system installed? Are there checking efforts or video surveillance? Which assets and areas demand greater protection? Should certain spaces be limited to staff? Are there procedures for specific incidents? Are vulnerabilities within the current system found? 

If the interest is to update the alarm or video surveillance system that you already have, it is advisable to request the advice of a specialist who will carry out the evaluation and make recommendations for improvement.  

3. Identify the needs

Office security systems include a wide variety of equipment. From conventional security cameras to anti-theft sensors. Access control systems, intrusion alarms and system checking for areas with restricted entry can also be included. 

In the case of high-value inventory, there are more specialized systems, such as source tagging, security cabinets with alarms, motion sensors, and card access systems or biometric methods to increase security. 

Based on this, it will be easier to find and choose the security system that best suits the needs of your workspace.  

4. Video surveillance systems 

When talking about security systems, the first thing we think of is security cameras. Although it must be considered that they are not 100% infallible, since there are blind spots, and they depend on someone doing the corresponding monitoring to detect any illegal action. 

Inside offices, video surveillance systems are recommended as an auxiliary system that records activities and supplies proof of employee actions when other burglar alarm systems are activated.  

6. Alarm systems 

In more than 80% of reported robberies there were video surveillance systems; but only in less than 30% there was an anti-theft alarm system with sensors. Burglar alarms are more efficient and reduce product losses by more than 50%. They are especially effective for intruders and potential security attackers, showing that an alarm system is present in space stops potential break-ins.  

6. Choosing who to work with 

When it comes to the security of your workspace, there is no room for improvisation. Security, checking and video surveillance systems must be installed and programmed by experts and specialists to guarantee their efficiency. 

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