Wearable Devices: The New Trend in Businesses

Wearable Devices: The New Trend in Businesses

Wearable devices have come to stay. This is due to the significant utility these devices offer in enhancing user autonomy. Their impact on productivity across various industries has sparked interest in integrating them into the work lives of employees. In fact, an increasing number of companies are venturing into the technological market to acquire these devices, intending to implement them as essential tools for their workforce.

At Distritech, we are at the forefront of technology for businesses and wholesale buyers. In this article, we'll explain why wearables are the current trend in the corporate world. 

What is a Wearable Device?

A wearable device refers to a portable device that can be worn or attached to the body or clothing. It collects real-time data that can be transmitted to other devices operating at a distance. Wearables are typically compact in size and lightweight, fulfilling their function as "wearable" technology.

One of the most well-known wearable devices is the smartwatchs, which provides access to various applications and can be linked to your phone, computer, or other devices. However, the market offers a range of wearables, including VR glasses, smart helmets, and even smart clothing.

How Are Wearables Used in Businesses?

While wearables were initially designed for personal use, many sectors have found practical applications for these devices. Here are a few examples:

Industrial Sector

In this sector, employees use smartwatches to receive and send information from their work area to a control center or automated program. The industrial sector aims to connect its employees by creating an ecosystem where wearable objects and personnel are linked at all levels through connectivity. This facilitates the swift and accurate transmission of various types of data, ultimately improving company performance.

Similarly, smart helmets and VR glasses are being used in the construction industry for remote infrastructure visualization, user tracking, and detecting faults in various installations. They are also employed in risk management to prevent complications or accidents on construction sites, among other applications. 

Healthcare Sector

Smartwatches have gained importance in the healthcare field as they are used to monitor certain vital signs. These devices collect data about the body's condition, allowing for the monitoring of different timeframes.

Moreover, VR glasses have become more prominent in this sector. They are used to explore and evaluate surgical scenarios in greater detail, aiding preparation and training for healthcare professionals. 

Corporate Sector 

Efficient and direct communication between executives, employees, and partners is crucial in the corporate world. Wearables such as smartwatches enable the sending of instructions, status updates, orders, alarms, meeting scheduling, rapid information exchange, project supervision, and more. All of this can be accomplished without the need for physical contact, which can slow down processes and result in missed growth opportunities.

Wearables provide employees with greater autonomy within your company. They serve as learning tools and facilitate direct connectivity with other stakeholders, all without the need for physical presence. Furthermore, they present an excellent opportunity to tap into different markets that can leverage new forms of autonomy and virtual work. The choice to move toward a more technological future is in your hands. Are you ready?

To acquire your wearables, simply visit the Distritech online store and choose from a range of options, including smartwatches and VR headsets. If you have any questions or need assistance with finding or purchasing any of these products, don't hesitate to contact us. Our entire team is here to help.

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