Advantages of expanding your business through a distributor of technological products

Advantages of expanding your business through a distributor of technological products

Any company is interested in sales of their products or services growing as quickly as possible, however, the challenge is to decide if the best way to achieve this is to reach consumers and prospects directly using their own sales team or, on the contrary, the option of reaching them through one or more distributors is better. 

From a business standpoint, the decision to use distributors instead of direct sales can have many benefits, both tactical and logistical. But, at the same time, it is one of the fastest ways to gain clients or buyers and, so, to increase income. And the reason for this is that a distributor can support your business with their knowledge of the market, as well as their technical ability in inventory management, packaging, shipping, support and customer service. 

In this case, if you are evaluating the possibility of reaching more customers or expanding into other markets with your technology products business, you should not overlook the advantages of doing it through a serious and responsible distributor. Do you know what we are about? talking? 

If you are really interested in understanding how these commercial allies can contribute to the growth of sales and income of your technology products business, then keep reading and we will tell you about it without leaving out any detail. 

Increase your brand awareness. 

The alliance with a distributor can be an excellent way to raise awareness of your brand at a low cost. In general, these types of partners have already invested time and resources in developing their marketing unit, so they can help you simplify and perfect all the tasks related to sending emails or running promotions or campaigns related to your business. of technological products. 

Also, if that distributor trusts your product and it is easy for them to sell it, you can get their sales team to spend more time offering it and become ambassadors of your brand, be it in meetings with clients or in networking events. You can even get them to offer and sell your tech products almost as well as one of your direct sellers. 

You get savings from an administrative point of view 

If we start from the fact that a manufacturer must have as a central activity or as the "core" of its business, manufacturing, managing and packaging its products, then a distributor can be a valuable ally. And the main reason is that without the need for investment, the distributor can become a commercial arm for the sale of your technological products in the market. 

That means you can take advantage of the potential of distribution management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, which the distributor already has, to reach more customers, including regions that may be out of reach. of your direct sales team. And you can achieve all of this without having to invest resources from your business in developing, managing or keeping that commercial and business network that the distributor already has.

Improve customer service

The goal of every company, and what it focuses a large part of its commercial efforts on, is to supply the best support and service to all its customers, as well as to understand their needs. In this case, a distributor of technological products with experience and responsibility will not only help you to sell and distribute them effectively, but also have the software solutions and the technical and human resources to offer an efficient and qualified customer service. your clients. 

At the same time, this is a way of being able to delegate multiple accounting tasks, related to payments, returns or refunds, for example, in the hands of a team with the ability to do it correctly. And that includes both the relationship with customers and with retail companies or retail sales of technological products. 

You reduce market risks 

Limiting yourself to selling your technology products directly or through a single channel can be very risky, since sales can rise and fall depending on the performance or management of that team. On the contrary, taking advantage of the resources and multiple channels offered by a distributor can help you minimize the impact of this type of market risk and keep your sales and income stable over time. 

As you have been able to verify through this content, there are many advantages that you can obtain from an alliance with a distributor of technological products.

Therefore, if you are interested in increasing the income and sales of your technological products, as well as ensuring that your sales reach a greater number of customers, at Distritech we can offer you the human and technical resources, the experience and knowledge of the market to achieve it successfully.


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