This is what you need to know before buying a wireless mouse

This is what you need to know before buying a wireless mouse

Whenever we talk about technology we talk about constant evolution. And so it is, every day we find new applications, newer devices or even processes that offer us many advantages for our lives. 

Day after day, we can see how in the market their increased options for technological applications are to include in the development of different tasks. Each model or reference of a computer offers us recent technologies. Likewise, each accessory has been designed to make our lives easier and we can perfect our time on each task. 

However, choosing, for example, an accessory for our computer is increasingly complicated due to the wide range of products on the market. Each one of them promises to solve some type of need for the user, but, on many occasions, we do not know for sure which one is better. 

But this will no longer be a problem. In today's article we will talk about wireless mice. Here we will tell you how these devices work and what factors you should consider before buying one. 

Take note! 

What is and how does a wireless mouse work?  

The wireless mouse has become one of the preferred devices for many users, since they perfectly complement any type of computer. Undoubtedly, one of its greatest advantages is the comfort that these devices support their use. 

The operation of a wireless mouse is based on radiofrequency technology. That is, the mouse can register movements such as the operation of buttons and send the information to the receiver through radio signals. 

In most cases, the wireless mouse has a separate card that is installed in one of the expansion ports of the computer, usually the USB port. 

Currently, wireless mice run at a frequency of 2.4 Ghz, meaning they have a range of 100 to 150 feet. Additionally, it should be noted that these types of frequencies are very stable, since, in a domestic environment, they would not have any type of interference. 

Bluetooth technology 

Another of the most important technologies for wireless mice is Bluetooth radio frequency. This technology, present in most computers today, allows diverse types of peripheral devices to be connected to the computer, such as keyboards, headphones, printers, etc. Well, the same way it works with the mouse, which connects via certain frequencies that usually have little or no interference. 

Aspects to consider when choosing a wireless mouse 

If you want to get the most out of your purchase, it is important that you know how to choose what type of wireless mouse will be the best for you. And for this, the first thing you must be clear about is what do you need the mouse for? 

Yes, although the question sounds obvious, knowing what type of use you are going to give to your new mouse is essential to make the choice that best suits your needs. For example, are you going to wear it to work? Or you need it to play. Then, only then can you know which one is right for you. 

From then on, you will be able to segment your search and it will be easier to review the options available to you. 

However, there are certain specifications that, whatever use you are going to give the mouse, you must consider. Therefore, below, we tell you what are the factors that you should consider before your purchase. Pay attention! 


When we talk about DPI, we refer to dots per inch (Dots Per Inch, for its acronym in English). That is, they define the speed and precision of a mouse and the sensor's quality. 

Usually, around 4,000 DPI is more than enough for any user, however, for gamers, there are 20,000 DPI mice. 


If the mouse is one of your main work tools, ergonomics will be one of the most important sections. 

Here you must consider if you need a right-handed mouse, or a special one for left-handers, or an ambidextrous one. You should also assess what type of grip it offers you, as well as the size of your hand. The idea is to minimize the impact of poor posture and prevent diseases such as carpal tunnel. 

Number of buttons 

The number of buttons, although it seems an irrelevant aspect, is more important than you think. In addition to the conventional buttons, there are many possibilities with other types of buttons that could make your life easier with their special functions, both at work and if you are a professional gamer.  

Now with these tips it will be easier to choose the ideal mouse for you. Do not forget that the most important thing is to know what use you will give it. 

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