Everything you need to know about fulfillment

Everything you need to know about fulfillment

Today, electronic commerce has become one of the most important business models in the world. All business activities have evolved thanks to new information and communication technologies significantly. 

In this context, the need for change has become increasingly important... all to be at the forefront of society's demands every day. Each technological advance aims to make life easier for all people by perfecting processes to streamline all tasks. 

And precisely, within e-commerce, one of the critical processes is fulfillment. Therefore, in today's article, we will tell you everything you need to know about everything that this process implies and why it is so essential for electronic commerce today. 

Continue with us and find out everything! 

Fulfillment: general aspects 

To begin, let's talk about the meaning of the word. In Spanish, the word fulfillment could be translated as compliance. In other words, fulfillment is the process through which a company performs specific actions to fulfill a customer's order from the moment the customer makes the purchase. 

Within electronic commerce, fulfillment has become a fundamental process for the best development of each company. 

The fulfillment process refers to the actions taken from the receipt of a purchase order by the client. That is, it deals explicitly with the commodity's reception, packaging, and shipment. 

How the fulfillment process works 

It is vital to have a fulfillment system that follows all the processes that e-commerce requires to make a match with buyers' needs. 

The profile of a modern customer is increasingly demanding. Therefore, e-commerce must offer a comprehensive, fully effective service that meets all logistical requirements. 

The following steps must be considered when sending an order: 

  • Planning 
  • It is the process where the step-by-step of the logistics is discussed, and what is needed to fulfill the delivery of the orders is defined. 

  • Reception 
  • It refers to the entry of merchandise to a place chosen by e-commerce. .

  • Almacenamiento
  • Depende del tipo de negocio definir la manera en la que se debería almacenar la mercancía.

  • Storage 
  • It depends on the type of business to define how the merchandise should be stored. 

  • Distribution
  • It is the process of delivering the product to the end customer.


    Why fulfillment is essential in e-commerce 

    Whatever the type of business, that is, a virtual or physical store, fulfillment is a matter that should not be overlooked under any circumstances. 

    It is entirely up to the company to decide how to carry out this process. Either appoint a specialized area for the logistics and fulfillment process or outsource it and have another specialized company take full charge of it. 

    Today many fulfillment companies are dedicated to developing logistics solutions based precisely on the needs of each business. These companies can oversee the storage and packaging of the products to the delivery of the merchandise to the carriers. 

    In addition to this, and thanks to new technologies, these fulfillment companies carry out an automated report that they send to their clients by email to let them know that their products have been sent satisfactorily and are in distribution. 

    In short, fulfillment is a process worth carefully evaluating in any company. Nowadays, it has been proven that there are many advantages that this process can offer a company, among them the increase in profitability, the possibility of supplying a superior quality service in logistics issues, and significant savings in costs. Company costs. 

    Additionally, having these services allows your company to explore other unknown markets and expand into new horizons. Remember that it is necessary to move at the constant pace of society and invigorate, in the same way, all the services that your company offers. 


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