Top 5 of the dominant technological trends

Top 5 of the dominant technological trends

After two years of a pandemic in which society experienced many changes in its way of life, little by little we all began to return to normality. In this new stage, technologies appear on the scene that open new opportunities and that help us to be prepared to face the next challenges or changes in the global market. 

In this sense, the technologies that today dominate consumer preference, such as artificial intelligence, 5G or the metaverse, to name a few, are the ones that we see reflected in the functionalities of many of the devices that fill store inventories. 

Each of these technologies not only arrives to simplify the way in which many things are done, but also to help companies be more productive and that many professionals, such as doctors, engineers, teachers, or architects, can boost their professional talents.  

If you want to know which are the 5 technological trends that dominate the market this year, do not stop reading, because we will indicate what they are... 

Artificial intelligence and automation 

Increasingly electronic products than we see on the market today make use of automation and artificial intelligence to simplify everyday tasks. From the personal to the business sphere, the usefulness of these technologies is endless. So today we see robots performing countless complex tasks in factories and distribution centers, for example. 

In addition, it is notable how many brands are integrating artificial intelligence into many of their electronic devices, so that they can also be capable of transmitting, detecting, and analyzing data. In this way, it is possible to automate many tasks that previously had to be done manually. 

These electronic products can be found from smart washing machines, ovens, and refrigerators to televisions like the TCL 32”HD, Roku Smart TV HDMI X 3, and smart speakers like the Apple HomePod Mini or the Amazon - Echo 4th Gen Smart Speaker With Alexa, to mention just a few.  

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Virtual Reality (VR) 

Although many still see it as an incipient technology, the truth is that the metaverse is increasingly on the lips of more people and companies. And this is due to the development and diffusion experienced by other technologies associated with the metaverse, such as the IoT and virtual reality.   

We can see the scope of the IoT in everything about the interconnectivity of electronic devices such as wristwatches with Apple Airpods 3rd Generation headphones or smartphones, for example. Also, some brands of electronic equipment are integrating applications to refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances, so that they can be monitored or managed from a smartphone, regardless of where it is located. And, in the same way, in the field of IoT there are also future trends, such as the integration of more complex devices such as electric cars, for example.   

On the other hand, regarding virtual reality (VR), we already see how this technology is increasingly integrated into electronic games, where players can interact in a virtual world using devices such as the Oculus - Quest 2 Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset or the Oculus VR Gaming Set Rift S. Some companies have even incorporated some additional devices that can be operated by touch and that allow the person to control, for example, their household appliances from a virtual world. 

Domestic robots 

There are already some robots that have become quite familiar in homes, including robotic vacuum cleaners like the IROBOT Robot Cleaning Vacumm Roomba 655. But now some manufacturers are looking to create a new generation of general-purpose home robots, such as the Astro, which act as artificial intelligence home assistants. 

This new generation of home robots use advanced navigation technology to move around the house or any other physical space, they can keep an eye on what is happening in a room, tell you when you have a commitment, send you a call or a message, among other functions.  

5G and super-fast networks 

Although not all countries are going at the same pace in terms of the massification of 5G services in mobile telephony, the truth is that for the manufacturers of these devices, this has already become the norm for models of any range. And thanks to this technology and the speed it offers, it will be possible to start enjoying videos with high definition and greater bandwidth, including 8K transmissions, for example. 

5G will also make it possible to enjoy games in the cloud, as well as the virtual reality that we talked about in the previous point, which can be enjoyed from devices such as the Google - Daydream View VR Phone Headset. At the same time, the advance of 5G means that smartphones will become smaller and lighter, since they will not need as much processing power as before, because all that workload is moved to the cloud and the device only receives the transmission of video.  

Smarter Devices 

We have already seen a first generation of devices equipped with intelligence, from phones capable of browsing the web and connecting with hundreds of applications, to televisions capable of connecting to services such as Netflix, YouTube, or websites. Then, machine learning technology helped devices such as smartphones to intelligently manage their battery life or capture better photos with their cameras by using algorithms to improve performance.    

Also, with machine learning came a wide variety of equipment, with the ability to operate autonomously, such as smart thermostats that can operate more efficiently, and self-driving cars, for example. But now, we only see smart televisions, but also devices such as the LG 32 Inch Class 720p Smart HD TV, Led Tv, which can adapt the quality of their image and sounds to the environment where they are used or, even, there are equipment with natural language recognition algorithms that allow its functions to be controlled by voice commands. 

Now you know which are the most recent advances in technology that set trends this year in the market and the uses that you can give them. So, if you want to know many of the devices that already have these innovative technologies, we invite you to do so by entering There you will not only be able to find the widest range of electronic products, but also advice for your purchase, whether you want to make a personal purchase, for your business or if you want to become a seller of our products. 

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