Please have an authorized representative of your Company sign this Freight Forwarder Letter of Release (this “Release”) prior to instructing your freight forwarder/broker to pick-up any merchandise from Distritech, LLC (“Distritech”). Merchandise will not be released from our warehouse until we receive an executed copy of this Release. If your freight forwarder/broker outsources a third-party’s services for the purpose of collecting and shipping your merchandise, a separate Release must be executed in order for Distritech to release your merchandise to such third-party.

This Release shall serve as a binding and fully enforceable agreement between your Company (i.e. our Customer) and Distritech, pursuant to which you agree to release and indemnify Distritech and its agents with respect to any and all liability for any shortages, damages, or stolen merchandise, and/or any other liability or loss of whatsoever nature which your Company or your agents may sustain by reason of the shipment and delivery of your merchandise in accordance with your written instructions, as set forth in this Release. Distritech shall not be liable for the errors or negligence of your freight forwarder/broker. Distritech’s liability ends upon release of your merchandise to your freight forwarder/broker.

Distritech does not offer insurance for your merchandise when shipment is made through a freight forwarder/broker of your choice. You hereby agree to procure and maintain, through your freight forwarder/broker, any required or desired insurance coverage for the shipment and delivery of your merchandise.

If Distritech releases merchandise on COD terms to your freight forwarder, and the check, cash, secured funds, or similar form of payment is lost, stolen, uncollectable, or deemed the wrong form of payment, you agree to make immediate payment in full for such merchandise through a payment method acceptable to Distritech. Full payment includes payment of all custom charges, tariffs, and duties related to the order and collection of the payment.


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