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What is Distritech?

Distritech is a fast growing consumer electronics distributor and trader based in Miami, FL. Since 2008 we have been adding value to our employees, community, and global trading partners at every step of the process.

20+ years of industry experience means deep industry knowledge. An experienced warehouse team provides one of the fastest fulfillment records in the business. We’ve optimized every aspect of the business to get you what you need faster.

A dedicated account manager tailors offers for each of our clients so you can find the products you need quickly and easily. We process returns promptly and bridge the warranties between our clients and the manufacturers.

We believe in passionately Adding Value… to our clients and business partners, our employees, our families, and our community.

At Distritech, we believe in living with an entrepreneurial spirit and creating growing opportunities in an environment that is friendly, respectful and dynamic. 

We believe in empowering our talent to have the flexibility and responsibility to serve and add value to our clients and business partners, and to where we can grow, personally, professionally and financially. 

We believe in passionately impacting our families and our community.

…so I challenge you to ask yourself this question daily: Did I do my best to Add Value in every interaction I had today?

What brands do you offer?

Our extensive global network carries over 100 different brands at very competitive pricing. We are always on the lookout for the latest offers. You can check the complete brand list here.

What product categories do you offer?

Our extensive global network carries over 10 different categories with thousands of products at very competitive pricing. You can check the complete category list here.

What is the Company Address?

12600 NW 25th Street Suite 107 Miami, FL 33182

What are the company´s contact details?

Ph: 305.517.3730 Fax: 305.517.3740 Email:

What are the company´s operating hours?

Miami Warehouse: M-F 8:30am to 5:00pm

Corporate Office: M-F 9:00am to 6:00pm


What’s new at

We are working hard every day to provide you with a better purchasing experience, our working team is developing a number of e-commerce projects that integrate some of the best practices in catalogues, customer service, live tracking and others. Be sure to check out our social media and corporate communications to avoid missing out on the next updates and launches.

I have registered, what’s next?

The next step in the process is to undergo a small security check to make sure you comply with each of our internal policies, we will be as quick as possible in this process, it should not take more than 48 hours to complete once you have submitted the required documentation. You can deliver the required documentation on the form that you were presented with after creating your account or send us an email with the documents attached, our internal team will check it and let you know whether we have any queries or need to perform additional checks.

Why can’t I see the prices or quantities available for a product?

If you want to view all the details for a product you should be logged in. Only clients that have been approved will be able to see the price per quantity and product availability in the inventory.

I want to learn more about the annual client information update.

We will update all client information once a year or whenever it is needed, we will check whether there are any changes in their address, legal representation, procurement or treasury contact details. We will validate the information in restrictive and binding databases. Finally, we will ask them to send interim financial statements (for the current year) or years prior, as well as the current resale tax certificate (if applicable).


¿How can I place an order?

You can set up a purchase order by way of our recently renovated e-commerce site or through your preferred sales advisor. Take into account that not all dispatches can be processed completely and automatically by way of the website because, depending on the chosen shipping method the delivery conditions will require contact with our logistics team afterwards. We are working on this every day to provide a 100% online process, for the moment, only some of our shipping methods and destinations have been approved for orders to be completed via our e- commerce site.

How can I pay?

Wire Transfers & ACH, we will provide our bank transfer instructions via email so you can initiate payment.

Do you accept credit card payments?

At this time, and due to security policies for money laundering supervision, we have not yet enabled credit card payments.

Do you offer any credit alternatives?

We have credit lines that are covered by insurance companies that check the financial circumstances of the company and allocate a credit amount accordingly. In line with our policy, we provide 30-day credit per invoice.

If you do not obtain a credit line that is covered by our insurer the only purchase option is an advance payment.

How can I apply for a credit line? What should I do to get an extension on my credit line?

In order to start the application process, please fill in the application form and provide interim financial statements for the current year and earlier periods. Underwriter can to ask further information, in this case we will let you know the requisitions.  If you already have a credit line with us and require an increase, you should send interim financial statements for the current year and specify the required amount by email to

If you wish to decrease or terminate credit, request must be received in writing, using the same email address provided above.

What is your warranty policy?

We provide one year warranty for new products and a 90-day warranty for refurbished products. All details and exclusions can be found in our full warranty policy here

If I cancel an order will 100% of the money be returned?

Unfortunately not, we must charge a small percentage of the value of the invoice, this will allow us to cover other clients’ orders that have not been processed due to this inconvenience. If you cancel an order our re-stocking fee is 10%.

Do you provide international shipping?

Yes, we provide international shipping at competitive prices.  
A separate freight quote will be provided based on destination, transportation mode, incoterm, cargo’s weight & dimensions.

To request a freight quote please contact

What kind of incoterms do you provide for goods dispatch?

We can perform deliveries through the following Inconterms:

• EXW – Ex Works
• DAP – Delivered at Place
• FCA – Free Carrier
• FAS – Free Alongside Ship
• FOB – Free on Board
• CIF – Cost, Insurance, Freight
• CFR – Cost and Freight

Do you generate AR statements or Dunning Letters?

Detailed AR Statements are provided on a monthly basis, for client review. Additionally, dunning letters are used to follow up on overdue accounts (when aplicable).


What are your delivery times?

Once the product is on inventory, we will deliver your order locally (Miami) within 24hrs.
Domestic and International shipping ETAs will vary based on destination and shipping method selected.

What kind of shipping methods do you offer?

We offer two options:

Pick Up: Client schedules pick up at our Distribution Center.
Delivery: We deliver to the Freight Forwarder or location of your choice.

What packaging alternatives do you offer?

Based on the cargo size, weight and dimensions we can offer different packaging alternatives such as:

• Pallet (fumigated or not) with clear or black wrapping, metal strapping, security tape (if requested).

• Boxes & containers (D, E, EH Container) in different sizes based on need.

• Loose items – only upon request, for small quantities, that will be transported individually.

Is my cargo protected?

We protect your cargo with the right packaging materials to minimize theft and other damage risks, however, it is not insured. Insurance coverage is available upon request, under CIF incoterms. The client is responsible for all insurance related costs.


I want to understand how you manage DOA goods.

Our products go through a detailed quality control process to minimize risks of failure or defects, however, we are not exempt from possible product DOA. In the unfortunate event you receive product defective on arrival, please contact our customer service department via email to report it.

We will validate serial numbers and depending on the quantity and product reference we will either provide a credit note against proof of destruction, or provide shipping instructions and labels to return the product to our Distribution Center in Miami, Florida.

I want to learn more about your privacy and data processing policy.

To learn more about our privacy and data processing policy please click here.


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