What is IPTV and what are its benefits?

What is IPTV and what are its benefits?

Watching television through the internet represents a worldwide phenomenon of online TV, which has massively transformed into an innovative entertainment alternative. Therefore, millions of people worldwide today use this option through the IPTV method. In this article, we will tell you what IPTV consists of and what benefits it offers to its users.

IPTV or Internet Protocol Television

Is a method of transmitting television over the internet, used by telecommunications companies. As you might expect, this alternative only requires the internet and a compatible television to install an IPTV television decoder. To carry out its operation, it is necessary to create a private network between the company that installs the IPTV and the user, who receives channel transmissions through a decoder connected to the television and the router. Since it is a private network, it is possible to use the television without being connected to the internet, but the decoder must remain on.

Unlike traditional TV that transmits its signal through an antenna, cable, or satellite, companies that install IPTV reserve a certain amount of bandwidth, which ensures the transmission of high-quality channels without failures and interruptions that degrade their transmission. In addition, with IPTV, channels can be programmed for recording, content can be saved on the decoder, and live programs can be rewound. This is possible due to special software that compresses the channels, then sends them to the client's IP address upon request.

The responsibility for the correct transmission of the channels lies with the telecommunications company that installs the IPTV. The company reserves a portion of the user's contracted internet bandwidth. For example, if the internet plan corresponds to 100 MB and the company reserves 40 MB, the user has 60 MB for free use. Therefore, the channels do not suffer from low quality, cuts, or interruptions.

Benefits compared to IPTV services

When we talk about ready-to-watch TV channels, OTT services or streaming TV are the ones that broadcast open signals to platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, or HBO. They also refer to telecommunications companies that offer IPTV service but in an OTT version. This service is not linked to any television or telephone operator. While OTT services broadcast open and accessible signals for any user who wants to sign up, IPTV channels require, as mentioned above, a decoder to receive, decompress, and decode the signal. Likewise, IPTV, not having the reserved bandwidth, offers enough signal to allow the best image quality, even when another reserved megabytes are being used for other functions.

Thanks to IPTV decoders, programs can be recorded for several days even when they are being broadcast live since it is a personalized or private network broadcast. Also, movies that are available before the arrival of streaming services can be quickly and effectively purchased.

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