Tips for Choosing a Reliable Technology Distributor

Tips for Choosing a Reliable Technology Distributor

In the race for companies to stand out in the market and transform effectively, it is essential to choose the best technological partner. Achieving this will facilitate optimizing internal processes, improving customer satisfaction, and ensuring the sustainability of your businesses in the coming years.

However, in contrast to this scenario of growth and opportunities, most companies have had negative experiences when hiring a technology service. Among the most common issues are delays, failed support, price discrepancies, and a lack of results.

Why do companies hire a technology provider?

Many organizations do not primarily focus on technology. This is because their industries and businesses inherently require them to address matters that go beyond a digital ecosystem.

It is natural to observe a limited investment in internal teams due to the wear and tear involved in building them from scratch, accumulating years of experience, and improvising success.

Furthermore, it cannot be denied that acquiring and implementing modern infrastructures, as well as hiring specialized personnel, can generate high costs and, even with all this, may not guarantee success.

Faced with this situation, working hand in hand with a quality partner allows companies to focus entirely on their business, optimize financial resources, work agilely, and achieve better results.

Currently, the market offers multiple options of brands, models, and prices for business computing equipment. The dilemma that arises next is, which business computing equipment provider to choose? That's why we've listed the most important criteria to consider.

  • Price: Sometimes, we think that the provider offering the lowest price is the ideal option. However, when it comes to IT equipment, it is not advisable to skimp on the best IT products or services. If you have a tight budget or your company is in development, it might be more viable to lease the computing equipment for your business. This way, you'll save the initial cost and can have access to the assets right away.

  • Offer: A good provider of business computing equipment should offer a wide catalog of products and solutions, both hardware and software from recognized brands in the market. Analyzing this factor will help you develop technology infrastructure projects quickly, avoiding wasting time and resources experimenting with new companies.

  • Reliability: An efficient provider will always deliver the right quantity of items, at the agreed-upon time, and in good condition. Sometimes, someone who provides large volumes can be more reliable because they usually have backup systems and resources to ensure delivery in case of unforeseen circumstances.

There are some basic tips when choosing a technology provider. Here's what you need to keep in mind:

Consider the After-Sales Service

Service is a crucial aspect when purchasing anything. When evaluating business computing equipment providers, analyze the speed of their responses, the support they provide, and the solutions they offer.

At Distritech, we anticipate our customers' needs and, therefore, maintain a well-stocked inventory to anticipate contingencies: last-minute orders, premature depletion of supplies, an increase in production requiring an increase in purchase volume.

We understand how challenging it is to find quality products at a good price, so pay attention to the characteristics of the provider you choose. An authorized provider offers greater advantages because it ensures that the product or solution you are acquiring is authentic.

Consider the Coverage Provided by the Supplier

A good provider must meet delivery times and terms, as this is the only way they can gain your trust for future requests. What would happen if the server you purchased from your provider doesn't arrive on the agreed-upon date?

It is common for some providers, in their eagerness to close a sale, to accept commitments, whether related to prices, deliveries, or service levels, that they cannot fulfill. At Distritech, we send the products ordered by our customers accurately and in accordance with the established timelines.

Why Is It Important to Choose an Authorized IT Provider?

Seeking professional assistance is essential for making the right decisions, especially in technology matters, where each product has different features and functions.

An authorized technology provider not only helps the company make purchases efficiently but also guarantees the quality, durability, and technical support of the products it offers.

If you have any questions or simply want to learn more about how our products can fit your specific needs, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is ready to guide you every step of the way because at Distritech, your success is our success.

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