Why are televisions so important for hotels?

Why are televisions so important for hotels?

The entertainment capabilities that travelers have today, from their smartphones, tablets, laptops, among many other devices, might lead one to think that a television in the hotel room might not be extremely attractive. However, a survey carried out by the Canadian Hotel Association revealed that 53% of the travelers consulted rated the premium HD TV services found in the hotel room as important.

In a way, this demonstrates the importance that tourists place on enjoying a quality television service during their stay at the hotel. And it is that currently, televisions in hotel rooms are much more than just devices to watch programs and movies. 

Now they are more like interactive devices, from where the guest can keep informed of the hotel services, control functions (lights, temperature, locks, energy management) inside the room, place orders, pay and enjoy audiovisual entertainment. of the highest quality. In short, the new TVs have gone on to enrich the experience of travelers in modern hotels. 

And for all this to come true, the technology that smart televisions or Smart TVs have today had undoubtedly been key, with screens of the highest quality in terms of image, great processing capacity and connectivity. Do you want to know why televisions have become important devices for hotels? Then keep reading and we will explain it to you. 

Satisfy the requirements of the guests. 

When a traveler arrives at his hotel room, he wants to get technology equal to or better than what he already has at home. So, if you are used to the picture quality of TVs like the TCL 32” HD Roku Smart LED TV  or Hisense TV 32” HD Smart LED TV , you will feel more comfortable in a hotel room with a television with the same technological capabilities. 

In addition, televisions are an effective way to guarantee good customer service, since they allow you to communicate with guests in a new and very efficient way. Even hotels can show welcome messages on the screen, show their daily service offer (restaurant, spa, swimming pool or gym), offer room service and, all this, within a friendly environment that adapts very well to the requirements. of travelers. 

Allows you to manage content centrally 

From a smart TV, hotels can install applications on these devices, as well as use technologies such as IPTV or Internet Protocol Television, to offer personalized content to their guests and to keep them informed of many services. Among these, local news, weather information, information on points of interest and local attractions, interactive hotel services, movie rental services (Netflix, Hulu, or Crackle), portals to contract hotel services, access to over-the-top applications connected to the Internet, among other options. 

In this way, hotels can save time when announcing changes or updates to their service offer, since they can control, update, and edit any content simultaneously on all the screens located in the rooms. Thus, for example, if there is a new menu in a hotel restaurant or are new quotas for massage services in the spa, it is possible to announce it immediately to all guests, through the television screens. 

They guarantee quality entertainment 

There is nothing better for a guest who arrives exhausted or exhausted, after a long day at work, than having a reliable source of entertainment in their hotel room. In this sense, smart TVs, such as the Philips 58" LED Smart HDTV, offer a wide range of entertainment and allow guests to stream content through these devices. 

The vast majority of Smart TVs already come with pre-installed applications that facilitate these functions, such as Roku, Chromecast, or Google Android, for example. But they also allow access to TV applications such as HBO Go, Fox Play, Direct TV Go, ESPN App or Showtime, as well as online video game applications, among other options 

They offer great processing power 

Smart televisions are devices that incorporate increasingly faster processors and greater capacity, which expands the range of content that hotels can offer through the screen. Practically, these devices can be turned into platforms that allow you to quickly update or change content options, streaming services, payment applications, among others. 

Also, this is a way to guarantee guests access to the latest in-room entertainment services. 

As you have been able to read, smart TVs are increasingly becoming more valuable and profitable tools for hotels, allowing them to not only deliver the latest in online applications and television services, but also as a source of revenue for the business. 

And if you want to know more about how these devices can help in hotel activities, at Distritech we can advise and guide you in buying the best Smart TV models to meet the needs of guests. Just contact us and we will gladly help you. 

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