Digital Television: All the New Streaming Devices to Upgrade Your Business

Digital Television: All the New Streaming Devices to Upgrade Your Business

One of the most effective ways to communicate important information, news, and/or results within a company is through digital television screens or corporate television. This strategy for keeping employees informed is gaining momentum due to the range of activities that can be carried out with these screens, including promoting corporate education.

At Distritech, we are dedicated to selling cutting-edge technology devices to drive the growth of businesses and individuals aiming to make a positive impact on the world. Therefore, in this article, we'll explain how and why to utilize digital television to elevate your company to the next level. Additionally, we'll recommend some devices for you. 

How to Use Digital Television in Your Business?

Digital television provides a means to digitize and make communication within your company much more transparent. Instructions, training, internal marketing strategies, transaction counts, data records, goals, and objectives can all be displayed on screens distributed throughout the company and connected to devices that rapidly disseminate information.

This can be achieved through images, news, videos, animations, in a general or segmented manner tailored to different sectors or departments that make up the company. Alternative devices can also be employed to enhance communication and expedite work. Can you imagine connecting with all your employees without the need for a meeting in an auditorium? Digital television makes this concept a reality. 

Advantages of Digital Television in Your Business

Implementing a digital television system in your company comes with several benefits, including: 


Communication is one of the most crucial aspects for a company. Digital TV can save on third-party communications that may be misinterpreted, as important information can be conveyed through specialized programs.


For medium to large companies, instantaneous access to different information is required. By using streaming devices, you can install specific programs, videos, images, etc., that help gather the necessary information based on each area's needs.

Reduced Barriers

Communication barriers often lead to problems in companies, resulting in financial losses. By using these devices, accurate information can reach more employees in a short amount of time.

Enhanced Recall

Have your employees ever forgotten their tasks in their respective areas? With a TV in each department, every worker can review pending tasks and prevent delays. Constant visual reminders can be very helpful. An added bonus? You can motivate them through these screens.

Activities and Relaxation

Prioritizing employee well-being and creating comfortable, relaxed environments should be a key goal for your company. Digital television devices can aid in achieving this by broadcasting videos, activities, and support meetings.


Internal information often gets lost in the shuffle. These devices can help prevent such situations by collecting, programming, and broadcasting information across all screens.

Streaming Devices You Should Have in Your Business

To elevate your company to the next level through technology, you need to utilize various devices, such as:

Smart TVs

Smart TVs are essential for digital or corporate television, as they facilitate easy connectivity throughout the entire company. Thanks to the programs that can be installed on them and their browsing and connectivity capabilities, they enable seamless interaction with the entire workforce. 

Streaming Devices

Whether you need to enhance TVs with advanced features or provide smart capabilities to outdated ones, streaming devices can make tasks, reminders, news, or other necessary information easier to transmit to employees. They also facilitate smoother execution of activities, contributing to a positive work environment.

Technology is continuously advancing, and we can leverage it to enhance the quality of life for our employees during working hours. This, in turn, increases productivity and ultimately yields better results for the company. Therefore, investing in devices that serve this purpose will take your company to the next level.

Lastly, at Distritech, you can find all the necessary devices to transform your company into a technologically advanced space. Explore our catalog to discover all the options available for you and your business. And the best part? We're highly reliable, and you can make a purchase with just a click. For personalized guidance, don't forget to contact us.


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